Our story

Recreating a legend cycling is made off

Inspired by cycling's rich Olympic history, Veloprints has recreated an Olympic legend in the form of a premium art print. Inspired by Chris Boardman's 1992 world record Olympic race we use both technology and creativity to create a premium artwork that allows fans of cycling to enjoy an iconic moment that thus far had been lost in history.

Through a process where details are not details

Using advanced 3D modelling our aim was to create a print that was as attentive to detail as the Olympic athlete riding it. Often referred to as 'the professor', Chris Boardman was known for his attention to detail. In accordance to this philosophy, extensive historical research was conducted to ensure authenticity. 

Layer after layer a 3D model was created based upon our research. After finishing up our 3D model, we conducted Pantone color research to finalise the print design. In total 4 months was spent constructing our print to offer the most authentic version of this Olympic icon. 

Sustainable from start to finish

It has been our aim to be equally as attentive to our product as to our production environment. As such, Veloprints commits itself to protecting the environment at any step in our production- and logistical process. Our prints are manufactured locally using a CO2 neutral produced printer in a solar powered and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified facility. The ink used is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we package our product in certified climate-neutral produced packaging without additional plastic or packaging tape.  A print by Veloprints is thus the perfect gift for any environmentally conscious cyclist. 

Veloprints - From cycling history to your wall