Frequently Asked Questions


What is offers unique cycling prints, made using our unique 3D modelling process. All of our prints are made in a sustainable manner and are shipped using climate neutral packaging

What is your commitment to our environment?

As cyclists, we understand the importance of our environment. Sustainability is therefore a key part of our product. We therefore produce our products in a FSC-certified production facility, which is powered through solar energy. Furthermore, we use environmentally friendly ink and print using CO2 neutral produced printers. Our packaging is as minimal as possible while maximising functionality and protection. Our packaging is therefore certified climate neutral and we do not use any plastic or packaging tape. 


What type of prints do you offer?

We currently only offer digital printing.

What sizes do you offer?

Our prints are only available in one size (50X70 cm or 19 3/4X27 1/2 inch), but we will offer different sizes in the future. However, if so desired a different size can be ordered for you at a surcharge. Please contact us at for more information. 

Do you offer gift wrapping?

While our prints make great gifts we do not offer any gift wrapping. However, due to our minimalist packaging gift gift wrapping is made easy and simple to do at home. 

How are your prints made?

Veloprints uses a unique process to make our prints. Instead of using illustrations or photography we create a precise 3D model of a bike based on careful research. We then design around our 3D model to produce an image that is both authentic and artistic.